Welcome, Double Dipz, to our ‘ohana!


We are so happy to welcome Double Dipz into the Roselani® Ice Cream ‘ohana! Christy Chang’s bright new Roselani scooping parlor is open at Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, right next door to the movie theaters. She serves more than TWO DOZEN Roselani flavors including four sherbets. She’s also a master ice cream cake maker and offers some incredible designs, including one topped with decorations that LOOK like sushi! She has wonderful – inspirational?! – ice cream “sayings” posted on the walls of the shop. So when you need a little break from shopping at the mall, please visit Double Dipz. Congratulations, Christy, on your beautiful new shop. You’re a great addition to our community and we’re thrilled to have you in our Roselani ‘ohana!

1-double-dipz 1a-double-dipz-front-sign 2-double-dipz 3-double-dipz  double-dipz-cakes-1 double-dipz-cakes-2double-dipz-cakes-3 double-dipz-saying-1 double-dipz-scoop