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In the beginning a company named Dairymen’s rented space from Maui Soda & Ice Works to store the livestock feed and wine it distributed, and to “make” its Velvet Ice Cream brand.

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Chef Eric’s Ice Cream Pie
Heavenly Haupia Pie
Moemoe Dessert
Roselani Tropics Shaka Shake
Tempura Fried Ice Cream
Leggo my Roselani

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From the Beginning

Back in 1925, a company named Dairymen’s rented space from Maui Soda & Ice Works to store the livestock feed and wine it distributed and to “make” its Velvet Ice Cream brand. In 1932, Dairymen’s decided to quit the ice cream business…and Maui Soda Manager Manuel Nobriga decided to get into it. (His grandchildren sometimes wonder why he didn’t get interested in wine instead.)Manuel perfected making ice cream from scratch and created his own flavors — flavors so delicious and well-received that many of his original recipes are still used to this day. Those flavors — most  notably the best-selling Haupia — as well as additional flavors perfected by his son, Buddy Nobriga, have been passed down to Buddy’s only daughter, Cathy Nobriga Kim, who runs the ice cream operation today.When Cathy assumed the mantle of Roselani Ice Cream Vice President of Production, she attended food technology courses on the mainland to ensure Roselani was keeping up with top industry standards. She learned Dad and Grandpa had it right from the start — their recipes held true, ingredients and techniques simply had new names.Roselani Ice Cream brought in the new millennium marking a monumental milestone. The company invested $2.5 million in major manufacturing plant upgrades and began establishing sales statewide in markets, restaurants and dipping parlors. So wherever you are in Hawai’i, you too can enjoy our flavors of the islands.

Enjoy Roselani Ice Cream at home today!

Roselani Tropics Ice Cream’s 56-ounce cartons are available at every major supermarket (and at most Mom & Pop stores) throughout the State of Hawai`i. Look for:

Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Our traditional chocolate with toasted nuts
Classic Macadamia Nut
The toasted nuts in our vanilla – yum!
Fresh Brewed Koffee
Yup – the favorite made with real coffee
The glorious original coconut pudding ice cream
Hawaiian Vanilla Bean
Our traditional best using vanilla grown on Hawai’i Island – a first!
Kona Mud Pie
It flies off the shelf – coffee ice cream, mocha fudge sauce and choco cookie pieces
Mango ‘n Cream
A tropical classic – no one has come close to duplicating ours!
Pauwela Sunrise
Orange “dreamsicle” ice cream (think 50/50 bar) with Maui pineapple chunks
Poppa’s Classic Chocolate
It doesn’t get any better than my Grandpa Manuel’s recipe
Available Foodservice Flavors

Click here for our complete list of foodservice flavors available from our Maui factory.

“Temper” for maximum enjoyment!
Here’s some advice from a master, Roselani’s “Buddy” Nobriga:
Take the ice cream out of your home freezer and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to temper it. This guarantees you will be enjoying the flavors as they were meant to taste. Otherwise, you’re just freezing your tastebuds. No cheating, now! Keep that ice cream off the kitchen counter and definitely out of the microwave!